Help with connecting standoffs

Anyway to connect a stand-off like this?IMG_3457.JPG

I don’t know exactly what you mean from the photo but I am assuming you mean a coupler. It would connect standoffs together or to those small metal shaft collars. Here is a link to purchase some(I usually used the 1/2 inch FYI):

You can attach a shaft collar to each end with a coupler as mentioned above, and then drive a screw through the part of the base you want it to attach to, and then through the collar. I would post a picture if I could.

I’m assuming that’s a shaft collar on the end of that standoff, and you’re trying to attach it to the bar in that orientation. I suppose you could put a screw through the hole in the corner of the c-channel into the hold in the shaft collar (yes, it fits), but honestly, I would just attach it parallel to the beam. It’ll be a much stronger and less sketchy connection.

I mean like attach the standoff diagonally against the c channel so the ends aren’t parallel to each other

also if I have no space to attach it parallelly

@Keijay oh ok… what I would do is use the coupler so that it is in the standoff and where the set screw is leaving the area where a shaft would usually be… do this on both sides and then attach with pillow bearings. I attached a couple pictures but they are tiny screenshots of my ITZ robot so idk how much they will help but I couldn’t find any others. Lmk if you want further clarification and I will try my best.
Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.53.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.53.37 AM.png

I think he’s trying to attach it diagonally as in facing away from the c-channel.

Yeah I am
but thx anyway

@Keijay Ok I still don’t understand lol, but I have 2 ideas of what I think you mean. The first is a terrible drawing that explains my first thought further and the second is what I think you also could mean which would just be to use a vex rubber link to make that weird diagonal angle. You would have to firmly secure it into the standoff and then tighten it really with a nut on the other side of the c-channel to make it sturdy.
Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 1.15.18 AM.png

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Use the shaft collar and connect it to a pillow bearing

the shaft collar thing does in fact work. It is frustrating to get to work but at a 45 degree angle it is a killer stabilizer.

If you use a long coupler, you can use spacers to adjust the exact length to help with alignment on non-45 degree angles.

Never mind i can just put two shaft collars together and attach it at an angle so that the ends aren’t parallel (I know I make no sense but oh well) Merry Christmas Yall!

@Keijay I am really curious about what that is because I don’t get how that works. Would you mind attaching a photo?

There are a couple of examples in the attached image from Starstruck.

Basically, you use two lock collars together as a universal mount (can rotate in any direction). The standoff attaches via a standoff coupler to one of the shaft collars, and the other shaft collar is attached to the frame by a screw. A screw and nut are then used to fix the two lock collars to each other.