Help with cortex plz

hey my robotics class (not club) is making cortex bots but we can seem to be able to find the coding program. ive looked on the vex website but it says that its download only works for windows and we all have chromebooks. is there any alternative method of coding cortex? thx!

There’s no good way to do that. Wine doesn’t work well with RobotC, and you can’t download to cortex with it.
The other option is to dual-boot windows, but that’s likely to go wrong if you have a locked down chromebook.
I have heard horror stories of Chrome OS overwriting dual booted flash drives for no good reason, take care.

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very comforting thoughts…but thank you XD

Once tried to dual boot linux mint onto a school chromebook and it reformatted the entire drive at random.

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oof. well that sucks. ill have to break the news to my teacher. thx

I’m not official tech support: please take the word of a student on a niche forum with a grain of salt.

ok well… i hope some true tech support stubles upon this post.

@AnchorVibin gave you the correct answer. Your best bet for programming is RobotC and it does not run on Chromebooks. Buy a cheap refurb Windows computer for $300.

I’m not officially tech support, you’ll need to contact them at Can you do me a favor, respond back here on what their answer was?


Roger that! thank you for the help. we might just have to trek halfway across the school with our bots to the computer lab, which has a slight chance of working in its self.

If you have the time, you could theoretically open a Debian graphical interface with the linux terminal built into the chromebook advanced settings, and then install Wine x86 and work with the buggy RobotC environment.
RobotC does not work well in Wine.

im sad to say Anchor, i do not understand 6/8 of what you just said so i will try and google all these terms because i have been clinically diagnosed with confusion

Debian = Linux distribution
Chromebook advanced settings = settings
Wine = Program used to run windows programs on linux
Linux terminal = Like cmd in windows. Runs commands
Graphical = The debian environment in Chrome OS is just a terminal, you need to run a few commands and install some things to make it graphical

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see, our linux terminal is blocked we cant use delevoper settings

Find a windows PC or pray that dual booting works

@74019Botherguy robot mesh studio my robot class uses vortex also and it works