Help with Design and Code

Long story short is that I’ve been put in charge of the new robotics program using VEX and SEAperch for my office, and I’ve been tasked to create multiple launchers to showcase the new program at an event next week. However I’ll admit that I am pretty unqualified to tackling this task. I have a little experience in mechanical design but my experience in coding is lacking. If any one would be willing to help me out design a flywheel launcher and code it, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for reading my plea.

To start out, there’s a bunch of reveal videos on youtube for the last vex season(Nothing But Net). As you can imagine from the name there were A LOT of flywheels involved so you may want to go and look at some of the designs for flywheels people had in their reveal vids(just a quick search of “Vex Nothing But Net robot reveal” should do the trick). Hope your event goes well :slight_smile:

Tell us where; locals may be able to show up and help.

Flywheels are easy! Okay, that’s not true. But we have lots of recent flywheel experience.

What parts do you have on hand? What are you launching? How far does it need to go?

Remember, flywheels are not the only way to launch things… Catapults, punchers…

pneumatics, explostives… He didn’t say it had to be all VEX legal. I have lots of experience launching things with pyrotechnics…

But, putting aside my other expertise, and getting back to something helpful, it would be cool to do a couple of different styles of launchers.

I actually designed a puncher and coded it, and it worked pretty well. It was a pretty simple design based on the standard VEX clawbot chassis, and I had a friend help me with the code. The code got lost, and I’ve failed to recreate a successful code. Another drawback to the design was that the Puncher basically destroyed itself every time it shot due to the amount of force applied throughout it’s body. Screws would become undone, and pieces dented. So I’m trying to create a design that it more self-sustaining I guess.

I work for Temple University College of Science and Technology outreach programs. I was thinking of reaching out to local teams, and I still might. I know of some pretty solid teams from a local competition that I actually judged for.

As for parts that I have on hand, basically I have over 10 VEX EDR Base Classroom Competition Kits, and over 10 Mechatronic Add-on kits.

Thank you very much

You have a bunch of students with Vex experience that can probably help out. PM me and I can see if we can get the student info.