Help with design of robot

I need help designing a robot for my robotics class and we are supposed to make it walk, you heard me WALK. I haven’t found any solutions for this and I need help designing the robot. if you could send me an stl. file of how you would design it. please help!!!

like an insect or a humanoid?

You should probably look at a strandbeest mechanism (Jansen’s linkage)


VEX has created TWO herobots which can walk.

  1. V-REX:
    Build Instructions:
    V-REX In Action: VEX IQ Robotics V-REX - YouTube
  2. Allie:
    Build Instructions:
    Allie in Action: Vex IQ robotics ALLIE - YouTube

Hope this helps


sorry forgot to add we are using the metal vex field that is going to have no center and we are having a pod with 6 balls that are enclosed in a box that we have to use the robot that can only walk and use a claw-like structure to grab the balls. the max dimension of the boxes are 8x6x10 in .

EDIT: we are using vex cortex and a metal structure like used in VRC challanges

Having built both of them they are examples, but they are not really great ones. The TRex is very persnickety about the build and changing the balance makes a huge difference in the ability to move. It also lurches, making it turn is not that easy.

Allie spends a great deal of her time on her belly. Turning ability could be enhanced by adding some rubber to the ends of the (feet? claws? flippers?!?)

I’d go with some kind of quad walker to have balance and the ability to turn. I’d be inclined to go first on how to pick up and move the object and then build the walking around that.

@Sylvie’s example is very cool and that can give you some ideas. I’d like to suggest a Google of “simple walking robot design” to see some things that can be built out of VRC parts and not be as complex as some of the posts suggest.

Good luck, post back what you and your classmates came up with!


thx and i will let you know how it looks and works

During the off-season I plan to try to make a better one.

you should make one with 8 legs each on its own side of a regular octagon, that would look cool

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yes it would look cool but I still want it to be small and functional send a picture so I can get a reference to what the design looks like with 8 legs on its own side