Help with DR4B/Manipulator

Hey, my name Marshall from team 11761B Blaze, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for improvements on our DR4B, and on how to hook up a chain bar to the top of it. I would also like to know on some improvements for our cone manipulator, because it sticks out out of the boundary. I was thinking of replacing it with a braided goliath manipulator, but I don’t have much experience with those, so I don’t want to have to build it… for it to only not work. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for the bad angles!

It looks like you are using a 1 x n bar to support the bottom portion of the lift on the inside of the 5 wide c-channels (correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t recommend using the 1 x n bars, our team calls them “bendy pieces” for a reason. I’d say use the 2 wide c-channels or nothing at all, because if you rely on the bendy pieces they’ll eventually fail you (trust me, I have experience with this). Unless there is very little stress on the piece

I would recommend to move your motors to the second tower because our team found that when the motors are connected to the first tower it causes a lot of play vertically in the lift. Someone else may have had different experiences but the majority of teams put them on the second tower.

Yeah, having the motors mounted on the second bit helps with equal power distribution on the top and bottom 4-bars.

Ok, thank you, I will change that soon

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