Help with driving

so we have antitips on the back to prevent us from tipping, but when we get 9 cubes on our robot begins to rock back and forth when we go backwards so we can only drive really slowly. We were looking for a way to make driving smoother. We already added some steel plates to the front as a counterweight. image

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Does anybody know how to help fix this problem

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Add more counterweights, and also depending on how competitive your region is, you might want to consider only picking up 8 cubes, as that might be a safer bet

So you think I should add more steel plates to the front?

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yes, or steel c-channels, and you can even make the front part of your chassis steel if you want to consider that option

I noticed that the rubber bands are lifting the bars off the ground. Try rubber banding the anti tips so they are forced down instead of up. this should help little and will keep the bars on the ground. or add a mechanical stopper above the bars so that they cannot bend upwards.


What do you mean by a mechanical stopper

Ok so these are the more updated versions

Sorry for the grainy pics
image image

Maybe a bigger wheel might solve this, but I didn’t try it because I was trying to line the wheels up with the base wheels

well something probably added to your chassis that prevents the c channel on the bars from bending upward. From the picture I would suggest something extending from the back brace so that when the anti tip bar flips out the stopper is just above the c channel on the bar. kind of like a lock of sorts but only for one direction.

You could always make them longer, that would also help some. You should also make sure your wheels contact the ground as you drive.

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How heavy is your bot currently? You don’t want to add to much weight if your already on the heavy side. You could also make the wheelie bars a little longer, that could help.


Beat me to it by a second. :slightly_smiling_face:

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169 from starstruck has a good flip out anti tip mechanism but I’m not sure if it could support a lot of weight.

an easy way to get a good anti-tip imo is to use the vex sliders with the slides that stick inside the rails. It took me a few minutes to make a slider anti-tip that works for 10-11 cubes.
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The antitips seem to be attached to the chassis by metal plates, which bend easily. Try using c channels, better if theyre steel. Robot rearrangement could also change the center of gravity.
(my robot was actually front heavy for some reason)

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Put your motors on the front of your robot, so they are pulling it along as opposed to “pushing” it, so there is less chance of it tipping. And if you have a 2 or 3 motor drive, counterweight plus the weight of the cubes you carry will burn out your drive. The cubes alone did this to ours.

The only problem with motors at the front is the lack of space. Your front is gonna have to be really wide to accommodate the motors and still be able to intake.
(Unless you chained them but if your chain breaks then you’re dead)

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My motors are geared so I have space to move the back ones a little forward. I switched to c-channels and it’s slightly better. The robot isn’t very heavy either so I might add some metal plates.

Neither is ours, but the cubes are heavier than I thought…

And our robot has at least an extra pound of crossbracing only…slight issue.

And our third wheel is direct drive and right in the center, so our robot could still technically drive if on entire half of our drive fails (chain, motor and all).