Help with firmware update

Hello good morning, since last Saturday I wanted to update two bricks of vex iq I have, I have been using normally for modkit and Robot c, but on Saturday I wanted to update the firmeware with the VExos app was paused the update and the Bricks were left with the following legend:

"VEX Robotics Inc. DFU
Connect to PC for Program Update
V1.01 "

Already try using the combination of up and down buttons, and even try to return the bricks to the previous firmware of 1.15, but it does not leave there.

I need help as the bricks use them for the next competitions.


Sorry for the troubles. If you power on the brains and plug them into a PC with the VEXos tool running it will recognize that the brain is in recovery mode and ask you to update. We upgraded settings on our servers this weekend and that is most likely what cause this issue to happen. The servers should be reconfigured by sometime this afternoon. If you launch the VEXos tool and you are connected to the internet but it says it cannot reach the server, then you may need to wait until later this afternoon to update your brains. Again sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further issues, please let us know. Or call our technical support line (903) 453-0802.


I thank you for the answer, I hope that you can do the procedure later today. Do you know where I can apply for help in the case of Mexico? I ask you, as I am researching on this topic, I am stuck with commissions on Facebook and on twitter, where I live and share experiences and help and have this problem but that has Passed before the problem of updating their servers was raised.

I could share some phone or mail in Mexico and Latin America for support in relation to VEXos.