Help with Flywheel for Vex IQ

My students are having problems getting the flywheel to move fast enough to shoot the ball. The flywheel will move the ball up but it’s not moving the ball past the top of the wheels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. World’s is fast approaching!!!

It looks like you’re just direct-driving the mechanism, rather than using any gearing. For this type of design, in order to get more speed, you’re going to need some more speed, probably at least with a 36 (motor):12 (wheels) tooth (1:3 rotation) gear ratio.

One of our teams has been working on a similar setup, and is finding success with around a 1:5 or 1:4 ratio using a single motor, although it takes a little time to get back up to launch speed again (~2 seconds or so).


Our flywheels used a 15:1 compound gear ratio with one motor. It took about a second to spin up, but it spun up faster and became much more consistent once we began using a control loop to even out the speed of the flywheels.

You can see examples of this in our robot reveal, and we go into more detail about our flywheels and control loop in our robot explanation.


Thanks so much for the information. They have gotten excited about building again!