Help with Flywheel's burning out

Hi! We’ve had a constant problem with our fly wheel’s burning out over and over again. We’ve tried changing our gears, going from 35:1 -> 15:1 -> 25:1, but the same problem still persists.
We are using a lowstrength 60-tooth gear to a high-strength 12-tooth gear twice.

How many motors are you using on your flywheel?

We are currently only using one motor per flywheel gearbox. Can you please explain the purpose of using two? Thank you!

What is your internal gearing?

Also, you might want to make sure there’s no place in the gearbox that is causing unneeded friction.

You would want to use two motors for both sides, because there is a lot of stress going onto only one motor if it’s the only thing turning all of those gears. It also takes longer for a flywheel to be sped back up if only one motor is turning it.

You should try using two motors on each side and then post your results here.

What is your actual wheel part of the flywheel consisit of.

My team had a similar problem using a similar gearing. We were using a 4" wheel sandwiched between two 5" wheels. We were running off 2 motors per wheel section (4 motors for a dual wheel horizantal flywheel) and were not able to get a good spin that would sieze on us. We removed one of the 5’ wheels and the 4" wheel from both segments and had no problem with seizing after that.

Long story short, try reducing the weight of the wheel if you can and use at least 2 motors per wheel. It worked for us and might work for you.

Definitely going to want to move to 2 motors. Make sure there is no unintended friction, no bent shafts etc. You could consider using grease on the gears.