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At my high school, we have a VEX club. It makes a new team every year (replacing the team of people graduating from high school - after they finished their Senior Year and are leaving the school). I applied for a spot on a team as a freshman, but didn’t get picked. The new team that year didn’t do so well, only having a pushbot to show for their work because it was comprised of people who applied as programmers. As someone who would be a builder, it’s kinda sad thinking about how much better the team would do if they had a good/better builder.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that I could try in order to get chosen for a team for next school year?

(I know the game was already released and all, but my school makes the new teams at the start of the school year.)

Some things I am already doing/going to do:

  • Take a class on Java over summer school (python classes aren’t available for summers school, but general coding knowledge will still help).
  • Talking to the two people I know who are in a team

Other important info:

  • The club system has two engineering teachers as “sponsors” with some say in who gets into the team
  • Students who are already involved in a team have some say in who is picked for a team

For us at least, a lot of getting on a team is showing how much you care about it and how dedicated to the team you will be. If they do any sort of interview or make you fill out a form or something like that, I think that being really enthusiastic about it and showing how much you care by giving detailed and informative responses should help you make it. You could also ask the two people on a team that you know about how they made it in for more advice if you haven’t already. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply!

I have been taking my time to fill their forms in a very detailed manner, so hopefully I will have better luck this year.


If you have previous vex experience that would be worth mentioning or you could share that you use vex forum and add some of your forum stats.

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All good advice - I would also take time to take the Driver Training Course and final exam - it really helps to know the rules.

Also, learn about documentation -

Highly recommend watching 515R video on notebooks, and read their notebooks. Well executed.


That’s a good idea, thanks for the reply!

The notebook in is a good idea, but you lost me on the driver training course part (unless you mean driving as in a car, not a robot).

This is the VRC course for teams to demonstrate understanding of the Game Manual:


Ah, ok. Your comment makes a lot more sense to me now.

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