Help with idea for lift

This isn’t exactly an original idea, but I can’t think of any way to attach a chain bar to the end of a six-bar lift.

I know that 6-bars aren’t exactly the greatest idea for a robot this late in a season, but with our design, it would look like we literally copied OSIZR’s robot piece by piece. The 6-bar works well and all, but connecting a chain bar to the end of it seems really complicated. We will be using a roller intake for cones and our mobile goal intake is a 3-bar.

(We are a beginner team and haven’t found anything easily explaining chain bars on any variation of a 4-bar lift. Sorry for probably being really annoying with our constant questions about robots. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

you can just put two 5 wide or 3 wide c-channels on the end of the 6-bar, and mount the chain bar to that…

@To_Bi_As That would make our lift extend past the 18 inch limit since what we have now barely fits.

by length or height? It really shouldn’t go that far…

Take a pic for us

That’s why when you mount your chain at, you make the towers about only 15 Holes long cause that’s what you really only need. You aren’t going to get any extra height from the tower in a chain bar though so proceed if you want. I’d recommend doing something like 929U’s old robot because 6 bars don’t keep the end completely parallel, unlike four bars which do.

Some benefits to using a 6 bar: 1) You can get more height than a four bar, chain bar, etc. 2) 6 bars are more compact than a four bar.

Btw I know what you mean about OSZIR copies. Nearly all of the 4221 teams in our regions are OSZIR copies and a team from my organization is doing something similar.