Help with IME's

Hi everyone,

We have been using 4 IME’s on our x-drive all season long and they have worked well for us. About a month ago as we were preparing for state, the IME’s stopped working as we were practicing. The light on the IME’s turned solid yellow/orange and the IME’s would not count up or down as we drove. We checked the wiring, tried updating firmware, we even changed cortexes, but it did not fix the issue.

We then checked each IME individually by plugging it directly into the cortex. When we did this, only one of them turned green and worked when we drove the robot. So we concluded that the other 3 IME’s broke some how and we decided to just use 1 for state.

As we are preparing for Worlds, we decided to go back to using 4 IME’s. We bought 4 more and replaced all of them except the one that was functioning perfectly. When we turned on the robot after installing the new IME’s the light on the encoders went back to yellow/orange and the encoders will not count.

We are fairly certain the issue is not in the wiring, the code, the cortex, or in the sensor itself, so we are not sure what can possibly be the issue.

If anyone has had a similar problem or knows how I can fix this, your help would be greatly appreciated.


In case this is referenced in the future: the problem with the encoders was debugged and resolved in the same-name post in the General Support subforum, linked below: