Help with increasing tension on roller w/ flaps intake!

I have an issue where my intake arms lose tension while I am trying to intake the cubes. I have tried more rubber bands, spacing, etc. Are there any easy tips I am missing or should I redesign?

It is most likely a bracing problem, especially if you are using a 448x like design

I am using that design and have a folding system that goes from the outside.

Pictures would be great. I just went through this issue.

Just went on weekend break so I haveno access to photos.

Which gear cartridge are you using, it could be that you don’t have enough torque.

I am using the basic cartridge that comes in the motor. (v5)

That is 200 RPM. You may want to go down to 100 RPM. However, there are designs out there with successful 200 RPM intakes so make sure your robot geometry is solid before considering a cartridge swap.

Which kit do you have? If you have the competiton super kit, it comes with extra red cartridges(100 rpm)

My team was having a similar issue and we couldn’t figure out how to make a lock for the intake, so instead on pivoting the intake like the 448x design, we made our intakes fall from the top to the bottom with a mechanical stop to stop the rollers from falling too far. This made the intake rigid and gave us much more compression.

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I do not know I will have to ask my teacher.

If the rollers are correctly tensioned, are the arms themselves being warped or bending in some way?

I appear to have the same issue my intake is just flex’s outward after picking up 7 cubes… I have the same mech as 448X and have tried increasing to almost 3 #64 rubber bands

Here are some pics
image image image

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I have the same setup as you minus the axel that stops it from moving.

On the v5 motor, there’s a little hole in the casing around where the axel is supposed to enter. The color inside that hole is the same as the cartridge on the inside.

Red=100 rpm
Green=200 rpm
Blue=600 rpm

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