Help with intakes

Hey, my team is at a standstill because we cannot find out how to make de-scoring intakes for our hoodbot. If you guys know how we can make something work plz help.


making a good intake takes testing. Do you have an intake design that you are currently working on that you can show us? If you can not come up with a completely original design for your intake that works well, I would suggest looking at what some other teams have done for reference. Not necessarily hole counting, but more looking for ideas such as what intake wheels you want to use and how you want to mount your intake. There is no one best intake design. As I stated before making a good intake should take a lot of testing and tuning, unless you get lucky.


+1, Intakes often take a lot of trial and error. I would recommend a few general principles though:

  • support from the top and bottom
  • support to force from the side facing out
  • have some kind of way that the intake can slightly open when an object enters to better grasp it
  • if you don’t need a deploy, don’t use one. start by designing an intake without the deploy to see if you can get away with not using one.
  • if a deploy is needed, make sure that your solution is reliable and sturdy.
  • have fun! :smiley:

if you need more support later, feel free to post a pic on this thread with your problem or DM me. I’m not the greatest mechanic in the world but two heads are better than one.