Help with intaking

I have the arms twisting like this and do not know how to fix this so they can intake.20190926_175245 20190926_175252

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You may or may not need to widen the intake by 1 hole on each side

You definitely need to widen the intake arms.

Coming from experience, I never liked dismantling things I worked hard on to build. But, I’ve come to the realization that I almost always am wrong the first time around. One thing to know about robotics, dismantling something you worked hard to assemble may seem daunting but it’s what makes all the great robots better than the rest. Having the willingness to accept failure and improving upon it each time will pay off.


This is what I say about drivetrains especially since they are usually made before everything else. If you have a problem with how the drivetrain is, go ahead and rebuild the problematic areas before you start on the rest of the bot. It will make your life a whole lot easier. But with all this in mind know what you want your final product to be, you shouldn’t spend 4 weeks on the drive.

Personally for this season I went through about 4 different drive configurations before I felt comfortable with how everything was. I still dont have any problems with how our drive is currently.


I went through two different configurations but I cadded out 3 different ones. This ideology really should apply to everything and over time you’ll become so efficient that it shouldn’t take nearly as long as you’d expect.

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I ran through 5 different designs before settling on this one. So far, besides some small issues, it works perfectly!

The issues you all are saying about the intake arms is not needed. It fits perfectly with the cubes. However, I say again, they twist and I need help on that and not other parts

Try to box your roller arms with steel c channels and add more arm connections like 448 did. Also, improve your build quality will solve a lot problems for your robot.


@sarah_97963A do they have to be steel? Also, what do you mean by build quality?

Build quality is a very general term learned over time, just make sure all your joints are supported and brace where needed.

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Ok. Also, the c-channels are faced upwards not sideways

Steels are less likely to bend compare to aluminum c channels.


@sarah_97963A why would they bend? Also, I don’t quite get how the boxing would help because its attached to the channels.

steel c channels are also less likely to twist, which is the problem you have

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@sarah_97963A but the steel ones would be attached to the aluminum ones, and the aluminum ones are twisting

Can you post a picture of the joint your intake is on more closely, I think that is your problem area.

The arms to the gears or the pivot point?

The pivot point (20 characters)

try replace the twisting aluminum c channels with new ones and bolt steel c channels on them


@sarah_97963A they’re not twisted but twist out as its intaking, and pics:20190926_214837 20190926_214824