Help with learning

So I’m a first year team doing vex EDR. I know the basic things such as 4 bars and DR4B’s along with those type of variations but with the huge gap in between IQ and VRC how should i learn about new concepts and how to do them other than this forum and just messing around.

Watching reveal videos is huge, they are very helpful to expose you to many different things.

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Ok thank you I’ve seen a couple of them

You will also probably benefit from simply spending time on this forum and/or joining the unofficial Discord server for VEX Robotics.

A good place to start with regard to the former (reading through this forum) is probably with some of the top threads:

In addition, you should take a look at this post, with many other great resources listed (though, admittedly, not all listed resources are still current):

I would recommend watching full matches and trying to discern effective strategies and designs. Also don’t do we did, and please for the love of god PLAN PLAN PLAN and then some more planning. Then realize that your plans suck a redo it all. Good Luck.

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I feel the most important thing is to have a solid concept and idea ahead of time, and then get your hands dirty and put something together. You’re better off learning through experimentation with bulding than trying to draw everything out imo. Do one or two competitions with your robot, see what’s good, what’s bad, what you like from other teams, and then take everything apart and start over. Make a bunch of improvements, don’t fall behind schedule (and make a good schedule), and you should end up fine :+1:

There’s also a Discord server for VEX.