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I need help with trying to make both of my arms on my lift go up at the same time and I’ve been researching but I cannot find any bots, so vex form is my last result. So if someone could help me figure this out that would be great.

Sorry I think I get the picture of what your trying to say but your being unclear, pictures of your robot would be a big help.

What it sounds like to me is that you have two arms on a 4 bar lift that lift seperately on two seperate motors and not connected to each other, or that one motor goes the wrong direction but I cant really be of help unless I can see some pictures of your robot.

this is what we have and then it’s all on one motor like ik what to do but i forgot how to do it

What is this c-channel connected to? If it’s screwed into either of those gears, your lift will not work because when you try to spin the gears clockwise, that c-channel hits your spacer-covered axle. If that’s your “other arm”, you need to connect it to a gear that spins the opposite way as the gears in the picture.

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Ah yes, it looks like you might be trying to do a double two bar lift? I might be wrong its still a little unclear. So assuming your doing a double two bar lift then, I can see what your problem is
The C- channel on the side you took the picture on is attached directly to the shaft. If you trying to do two separate lifts on one motor then you need to attach the bar on a separate frame and then attach the two with gears. I will draw a picture to illustrate sorry I’m on my phone so it is low quality.


Four bar*
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Yes, this is because when one 4-bar will try to move up, the other one will try to move down. You can solve this by connecting them together like above (so they will move in unison), or gearing them separately so that you can have independent control over each lift.

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