help with linear slides sustitutes

My team have not enought linear slides to buil a linear elevator, any ideas how we can build something that make the same work?, we have enought parts to build anything but no idea how to, please help, thanks

Well this sounds like what you’re describing, though I don’t think it’d be very easy to make a full elevator lift like this.

That’s pretty much the concept. If you’re thrifty and don’t want to cut metal, I’d either try thin channel with gussets as a wrap and use rollers like the one in the video, or use consecutive stages of thick and thin channels with rollers.

If you’re willing to cut metal, you can probably make the slides thinner, or you can cut up the linear slides you do have and make it like the newer linear slide sets, replacing the long slide with a series of plastic bits. I remember reading that the linear slides may pop out of the outer inserts, so you probably want to link the stages using pillow blocks and axles.

As long as it’s thin, and you do what you can to minimize friction, it should be fine