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New here and not sure I’m in the right place, but needs some help. I am trying to plug a motor into motor port 6 and then a limit switch in analog 1. I think it should stop or reverse the engine. When pressed the limit switch - it does nothing. A second limit switch and a bumper switch does nothing at well. Any suggestions? Also I don’t really understand the purpose of the motor controllers if someone could help with that .

Just to make sure that you have the new V5 system, it has an LCD screen on the front.

Sorry no. I have a vex edr microcontroller.

After watching a video I switched the limit switches to digital ports. I want to show the kids how the limit switches work.

Just so you’re aware, the full name is VEX ARM Cortex-based Microcontroller, and most people just call it “Cortex”


Thank you I appreciate the help

My resources say there is default code in the microcontroller. Do I need to connect the remote to show the motor going and the limit switch stopping it. Or should it just work Powering on the cortex.

If others have used the robot would I need to restore the default code?

The default code is expecting the joystick. This document gives the necessary jumper settings and ports required for limit switches for some of the motors.

Yes, VEX has a utility to do that, you will find that here.
but it’s a very old program, it may have become incompatible with the very latest version of Windows.

You could also download and install RobotC (which is free) that has a simulation of the VEX default code. Using RobotC you could also easily create code that would demonstrate limit switch use without needing a controller (joystick).


EDR is illegal. Unless you aren’t competing in tournaments I wouldn’t use EDR

Also welcome to the community

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@Pshrum said they were showing students how limit switches work. Just as an FYI there are tens of thousands of EDR kits out in the world that teachers use for STEM training. While we all would like to think that we are VEX’s biggest customer, we pale in comparison to some states rollout of VEX in classrooms.

@Pshrum - From the threads it looks like you got all the advice you need. Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your limit switch demo!