Help with older Vex gear...

First posting here…I have several of the old Vex microprocessors, the v.5 ones. I have used them in various middle school level robotics projects, mostly running Victor speed controllers off of them. What I would like to do is add programming capacity. My problem is that even finding the cables to connect the processor to my laptop is not easy.
Anybody out there looking to get rid of cables, software, etc for the old v.5 stuff?
(btw my middle school work has been a great help in getting a high school FIRST team going but I need to up the game now)

Tim Wolter

Software is available for free here.

We have a handful of the USB to serial adapters, along with the orange serial box that goes to the programming port on the v.5. If you need one, let me know. I’m pretty sure the newer programming kits should work with the v.5 also. Someone can correct me if they have tried and they don’t work.

That is indeed what I am looking for. Are they for sale?

jpearman, RobotC download I was aware of.

Tim Wolter

I sent you a PM about the cables.

Here’s a great deal on ebay

not bad. but in my case I am just looking for some cables and software to make older v.5 controllers useable. I have enough of the other stuff.
Thanx though.

@Tim Wolter,

You may also use the new generation cable to interface the V.5 to your laptop.
Its for sale here: