Help with opening file

So I exported the files into a flash drive and I can’t open the giles in Vexcode without it saying “Missing some files” or something like that. Any ideas?

did you export using VEXcode into a zip file ? sometimes if you have additional nested folders I think VEXcode may not export everything, what does the folder structure look like on the flashdrive ?

minimal project would have

(although compile_commands.json would be regenerated)


It’s a Compressed (Zip) folder and when clicked shows 5 files: Include, src, vex, make file and the Vexcode project.

I assume you extracted them all

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Please note that I have almost to no computer Knowledge and or vocabulary knowledge

I think so? I remember extracting it but that’s all.

send me the zip file and I will have a look, PM if you want to.

See the problem is the laptop I’m using cannot physically be in the internet due to it being a school computer specifically for coding only. Plus I’m on my phone anyway.

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