Help With PID control

hello! i am currently new in the vex competitions. This year i have made a well built scissor lift that moves together to get cone stacked on top of mobile goals. Right now i can stack 11 cone onto a mobile goal. I am looking to improve my scissor lift by using PID control. So i come here to ask the community if i can get some help with programming a PID control on a lift. Could anyone help me tell me how to program PID control on a scissor lift? i want the pid control t help m when i drive the scissor lift. i currently have IEMS on both sides of the lift.

Go here:
Then click download on the “Introduction to PID controllers” document. It’s really useful

Depending on how precise you need to be, you might be able to get away with only a Proportional-loop. (That is, leave out the I and D components).

We’ve been using them this season with no issue–and at least I’ve found they are dramatically easier to tune…