Help with putting tape on field

How should we go about putting the white tape on the field for tipping point?

Apply slowly with not a lot of tension, otherwise tape will shrivel and become unstuck. Pattern is in field specifications.


For the field length tape lines, with 2 people, have each person hold one end, stand on opposite ends of the field, then lay it down at the same time of course with not too much tension.

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You actually want to lay this down with no tension at all if you can manage it.

Most of the time one edge of the tape will be aligned with the edge of one of the field tile tabs.

All of the details can be found in the Appendix A Field Specifications


I actually recommend putting tape on each tile individually instead of stretching the tape across the entire field. If you ever need to disassemble and move your field it will make it much easier. I have also found that over the last couple of games that most of the tape lines can stay on the tiles with just a few changes and they just get moved around on the field.


The easy way to do this is to apply the tape and then use a utility knife or exacto knife to cut the lines.

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Thank you
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Does the tape need to be perfectly layed or is it allowed to have some minor imperfections? For example not being 100% straight or overlapping a bit as shown in picture…

Well, what is it for?

Our field’s tape isn’t perfect, but we just have it for practice. If it is a skills field only, then the auton win point line doesn’t much matter, so you can probably have some slop in that, but the lines delineating the different zones are absolutely critical for scores, so you probably want that to be perfect. If it is a matchplay field, then you probably want it to be near perfect.

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Don’t be that line striper in soccer who is too busy reading texts to notice lines really off.

I would get rid of overlap and pay critical attention to AWP clearance line - it matters.

For competitions it looks better if lines are straight, but I highly recommend teams remember to allow variances in the field set up.


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