Help with qualification for state

Hello, I have been looking at to look at local vex competitions. I believe to qualify for state you must win an award at a local competition, and what awards will actually qualify you depends on the number of people competing in the competition. Correct me if I am wrong though. If I am correct, then how can check a local competition for what awards can qualify my team for state on When I go to the “awards” on any competition, every competition has awards but they all say the award doesn’t qualify for any other competitions. If you guys have a solution or a different website please let me know.

It is because the state event doesn’t have to be posted until later in season. Can’t put qualifications in the system until they know how big of a state event is planning to be.

Spot allocations are likely to be posted when the last events have registered in your region.


Very often, events will start out with all the awards listed as qualifying for nothing, but usually an event will say it’s a scrimmage/unofficial if it really doesn’t qualify you for anything.

If it’s an official tournament, at least some awards will qualify for States (or Worlds instead if it’s a Signature Event or state/regional/provincial/national championship).

And if the event is on or after October 1st, certain awards will also qualify for the CREATE U.S. Open (Excellence, Design, Tournament Champions, and Robot Skills Champion).


Unless I’m mistaken, all of those awards qualify for the CREATE U.S. Open at every official tournament, regardless of which awards qualify for States. However, spots for the CREATE U.S. Open usually fill up before the end of January, so if you want to go to it you will have to register quickly, and if not, put yourself on the waitlist.

Edited to add:
And like @lacsap said, the list of which awards qualify for States usually isn’t added until the last event in that region is finalized (which would often be October 1st). That way the people choosing which awards qualify for States can give out just the right number of spots so every event with the same number of teams will get the same number of States spots.

For Worlds, the number of spots for each event wouldn’t be finalized until January (when regions that grew a lot get bonus spots), or for Signature Events, the deadline for submitting a Signature Event (presumably).


Events don’t have to be posted until October 1st. The state tournament will have so many spots, let’s say 50.

The tournaments will be a variety of different sizes.

Once your RSM knows the number of tournaments and the sizes of those tournaments, then they will be able to figure out the number of qualifying spots at each tournament.

It will probably be close to how the previous year was done, so you could look at some of those as a reference.


The general rule of thumb is that you will want to win excellence, tourney champion, or design award to win a states invitation. Some events include more spots like skills or tournament finalists.