Help With Robot Decoration!

For states, I’m thinking of decorating my robot. I don’t especially want to spend hours on spray painting, but what are some nice ways to add some color. By the way we have a 3-4 stage tray with polycarbonate walls on the top 3 stages, and we use a decent amount of rubber bands. Anything helps, and thanks!


Just remember that dont over do your decoration and focus on the performance. I have seen bots that there decoration caused them a disadvantage. Maybe you can have a painted tray? Or a logo on your tray of your team that would be cool. :smiley:


Stickers under your tray where the cubes don’t touch maybe? We had some like a caution sign (tray flips out really fast) and one that said warning: student driver


At one meet, there was a bot with a stuffed seal zip tied to it.

add a cheap led strip to your robot


Our team has alfrado the emotional support rubber ducky attached to it as a pseudo-mascot


I know you dont want to spray paint but black trays and gold stripe looks clean. and you could just make like a sticker bomb

we had a foam hard hat

Colored electrical tape or duct tape. It works wonders. If you want to get even fancier with tape, find detailers tape used for automotive pinstripping.
One of the coolest tray designs I’ve seen was a dragon logo enlarged on the back side of the plexi. Had a professional look and wasn’t messy. Honorable mention is 6008, 5203 and the clean stripes of 4004y and 7k.


led is the way to go

stickers. put all of them on your lexan. NASA sticker, GoPro sticker, lots of assorted vex stickers, stickers from any signature events you’ve been to, inside joke stickers, (a.k.a. DRow 4 gdc, Kmart shoppers, etc.) and your team logo!

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