Help with Robotc programming

Large scale programming works, such as changing the programming from 100 to 300, but the problem is that when you change it from 100 to 110, the robot doesn’t respond. Please help! :confused:

What is it you are changing? The value of a motor? the value of an encoder? Or what??? You will need to be more descriptive, methinks.

Probably the best thing to do is to post your code.

The motors

Okay, what about the motors?

First of all, the motor values range from -127 to 127. In reality, their speed does not change very much from about 100 on up. So, are you saying that when you command the motors to go from 100 to 110, you don’t see any change in speed? If so, that’s understandable. Or are you saying that the motors do not work at all? Or… what?

For people to provide you with detailed assistance, we need some detailed descriptions of the problem. Posting your code would help people help you. Also, remember to use the code tags to enclose your code so the formatting is preserved.

The code tag thingy is in the upper right corner…

No it’s the for " wait1Msec (1000);

When you change wait1Msec the value after it is measure in milliseconds. A difference of 10 milliseconds is hardly noticeable when simply observing. For reference that is about the time it takes your monitor to respond to you typing a word on the keyboard.

I agree. The average blink of an eye lasts about 100 to 400 milliseconds. :wink:

Never mind we got it working:):cool::o:D