Help with Search and Rescue Classic

I’ve been trying to increase the consistency of my program in solving the Search and Rescue Classic with the help of the debugger window but, to no avail.

Currently working on it using the following specs:
- OS: Windows 8 Pro as operatng system
- Platform: Robot Virtual Worlds for VEX
- Version: 4.x

In this regard, I am asking some clarifications on these:

  1. To those who are experts on this, (I quite a newbie. Sorry); is the the solution for the Search and Rescue Classic, 100% accurate and consistent?
  2. I’ve noticed that sometimes my robot is having a hard time identifying the ff rooms: Empty and Fire. Occasionally, it would identify either of the room as the other or would identify it as the walled room. And to put some clarity on this issue, I’ve relied on the debugger window and did notice a discrepancy on the values detected (see attached). How could I limit this occurrence?

Thank you in advance!