Help with stars on the fence

Hey guys, for our robot we have gone with a reverse 4 bar but are having trouble getting stars off the fence. Any ideas?

Here are a couple images.

What exactly is the problem?(I know you said getting stars off the fence but what about that?) Is your lift too short? Is the intake just not working with it? Is your anti tip getting in the way?
Try and be more specific.

How does your claw fit into 18x18x18? Do you mind sharing a picture of the mechanism?

Why did you go with a double reverse 4 bar over a standard 6 bar linkage?

We went with reverse 4 bar to kept our CG relatively centered while handling the elements. Also, we were looking to try to knock stars off the fence using the back of our gearbox but they refuse to budge.

Sorry I don’t have a close up but it is just hinged with a band assisted release.

Do you have a picture of it trying to get stars off the fence? You want the stars to get hit as high as they can by the gearbox so it sounds like your gearbox is too low when you lift up? You can always just use your claw to get stars off the fence.

The problem with the claw is it is difficult to hit the star and the claw needs to be very well lined up.

The problem is your gearbox is hitting the bottom of the star instead of the top. You need to figure out a way so that the metal piece will hit the top peg on the star rather than the bottom peg.