Help With Starstruck

Hello, I this will be my second year with Vex and I was wondering if someone may be able to help me with building a launcher. I am planning on doing a choo choo design, but could someone help me find a video or something that will show me how it would be built?

I have always loved this video and the choo choo catapult they made! It was made by our resident roboteer @JVN. :slight_smile:

I was also looking at something similar to this.

You have to be careful with the W&D catapult like this. They almost never pulled back the needed elastics for this year, and were temperamental when it came to tuning.

Yes, I understand, but I feel like slippers are a lot easier to build than choo choo’s. Especially for beginners. But I’ll still delete that post.

My question is, how does it launch?

So there are two bars that attach to the catapult arm and the driven gear. On the gear there is a small stud that pulls the bar and the catapult back. After the stud passes the bottom the bars are allowed to shoot forwards since nothing is holding them back.