Help with the KiKo . 893 robot

Made by OWI -893 (

So I bought this robots, it’s about 1000 pieces and parts.

Looking for protips that have made it.

How many hours, how much effor. Is my 6 year old grand daughter going to be able to help, or should I do the big functions and go from there.


I am not sure this topic is meant for this category you have it in… It is not a competition robot but just for fun. I am also not sure this is even meant to be posted here.


Thanks, it’s in chit chat, that was about the best I could do. I know that lots of roboteers get off brand (non VEX ) stuff. I was hoping that some one of the thousands of you may have one and can comment on it.

If I get help, that’s cool, if not only a few hundred wasted characters.

Yea. Seems like a cool toy but I really cant tell you much about it since I never had it. Best of luck though.

Done! Just over 90 mins, but happy that I built it alone. It’s pretty cool, I’ll let the grand munchkin play with it before I do some additions/mods to the brain.


Next on the build list is ( I saw this at the Philly Maker Faire.