Help with this rule

According to this rule the robot may not use “concave” portions of the robot to control the movement of cones. Are we allowed to use non-concave portions like what if we had a mechanism that would push the cones but it wasn’t concave??? Would that be a legal move??

My impression of the rule is that that is specifically and intentionally legal/allowed. They do specify pushing/plowing as not being Possession. Concavity is an exception to the legality of pushing/plowing. Makes sense. Otherwise any robot that just bumps into a cone while carrying a cone would be violating the rules. That would happen a lot.

The way I understand it, the rule is just there to prevent people from pushing around and hoarding a lot of cones with a scoop or cone corral, which would bypass <SG9>. You can push with a flat part of your robot.