Help with tray folding

I am redesigning my tray for my robot. Currently I have a type of double hinge mechanism that is not completely straight. At a recent competition, I saw that many tray bots did not use hinges but rather cut sheets of metal with a single pivot point on the side of the tray. I plan on making a new ramp with this design but also plan on making my tray made out of three different sections rather than two, so I can expand the amount of cubes I can pick up from the current 6 to hopefully 9 or 10. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me?

make sure that over time your metal isn’t bending.

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use a lock nut on the single pivot point.

You can use screws and spacers to prop up the stages of the tray so the ramp is straight instead of bending. You’ll have to replace the bars you use every so often depending on deployment

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