Help with Tray gearing

Hey guys my tray is in good shape and is almost finished except it is missing some plexi-glass. It is having trouble with stacking and i bent some shafts as well. Should I use large shafts to prevent bending of the shafts and keep the teeth from slipping? Also should I use a four-bar as the pusher when stacking?

ok so. use HS on the 84 tooth gears. you should have 12 tooth to 84 tooth. and make sure it is at the right angle for stacking. And i know that i will get some criticism on this but use zip ties to tie around the shafts so they stay better. but put it on spacers so they dont cause friction. Make sure it is tight. wdym about the 4 bar pusher?

I friend just told me about that but I am not for sure so it’s fine.

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just make sure the angle is fine. and use torque pods

ok thank you I will get back to you when i find out the right system

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ok and if it needs more, compound gearing does well. just be carefull

will do I will send a picture of my final result

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