Help with tray

R team is using a tray bot. We can hold 8 but don’t have the strength to stack them. Originally r lift system had 2 torque motors on both sides with an axel connecting the two. To lift the tray we had a c channel attached on one end to a gear on the axel and on the other end we had standoffs connecting to a hing on the tray. We changed to a 1:5 gear ratio with the motors connecting to the smaller gear but now the tray can’t move at all

Honestly, you should have at least a 1:7 ratio on the tilter. We r using a 1:21, but whatever works for you. You should also be using HS shafts on the ratio to prevent shaft twisting.


Most people use a 1:7 gear ratio on a 100rpm V5 motor (12T:84T), which is good enough for 9+ cubes. Another thing that you want to keep in mind when building effective anglers is the geometry. You want to make the c channel coming out of the 84T gear as short as possible while making the metal linking the tray to the c channel coming out of the 84T longer, for optimal geometry.

We have a short c channel with the longer standoffs

Also we r using cortex not v5

If you are still using 393 motors I would recommend a higher ratio and maybe even using 2 motors on the tilter

We have two motors. I will try to send pics around 3:30 to 4:30

We might also undo everything we did and put back how it was and test it out later cause we have a comp tomorrow which will be easier to do.

then try doing a 12t to 84t gear ratio

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Maybe the tilter geometry
isn’t correct.

I’m using a 1:5 100 RPM and it easily lifts 9 cubes

We have cortex. We will change back to what we had and test later. We did find out y I didn’t move at all tho. One of the motors was at an angle so with the axel in it wouldn’t turn.

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