Help with V5 Gyro

Our team is using vex V5 pros and we have a gyro on our bot. Our gyro is working, but is inaccurate by around 5-10 degrees either way every time we run a program. Any suggestions on how to fix that. We also have a tank drive and during programming when we want only one side of our drivetrain to move we can’t really do that with a gyro because it moves both sides of the drivetrain. We are also struggling to move forward/backwards while turning at the same time. Any suggestions for any of those problems would greatly help

Are you using a competition switch? You can calibrate your inertial sensor (which I am assuming is what you meant when you said V5 gyro) in the pre-auton function using this with “Inertial” being the name of the sensor in your program.


You should wait about 3-5 seconds before switching the competition switch to enable. I hope this helps!


Yes, we are using a inertial sensor and we occasionally is a competition switch while writing code, we calibrate our inertial sensor manually every other programming run but I will try the auto calibration. Thanks.

you mean you press “calibrate” on the inertial sensor dashboard ?

There’s no need to do that, every time a program runs the inertial sensor is calibrated.


On our brain when using the competition switch you can go to devices while running the program and when you click on the inertial sensor you can click calibrate.