Help with VexOs for VEX IQ (new user)

I am trying to set up my VEX IQ. I’ve had it for a while, but I haven’t actually set it up yet on my MacBook Air. My VexosUtility can’t read my USB connection and always says “Application not Responding.” I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it, and it is registered under locations in Finder. I really need to set it up so I can use it for a show I’m in. Tech week is Dec 2, and I want him to start rehearsal as soon as possible. Please help me!

~a very distressed robot mom

This does not answer sour question, but move the post out of Website/Forum Support.

Do you have something else open, that might be using the com port(talking with the robot)?

I don’t think so. I closed out the program I was using to code the VexIQ, but I haven’t even set up the bot yet, so nothing can communicate with the brain until I set it up, and I was told to use VexOs for that.

the application isn’t even responding.

I ment, do you have any other windows open on your computer (programming app, ect.)

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Not on this account. I just closed my MINDSTORMS program…
oh, now it’s working! Thank you!

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You are welcome

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