CALM DOWN. If you don’t know the words, look them up online or in the manual. The manual will tell you the words.

Roboting is two puzzles.

  1. how to build what is in your head
  2. how to get the actions that are in your head.

Programming robots is nothing more than having motors turn on and off at the right time. Sensors are how to have an external event influence program.
Start simple. Get one motion(motor action) worked out, hardware and software wise, without a sensor. When the mechanism works, add in the sensors.
Then move to the next step. Another motor or what this motor will do next.

Learning to ignore trash talk from the peanut gallery is a bonus skill you get from hanging around a forum

If you live anywhere near a Vex competition team or US FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) team, you can probably find a real human to have a chat with. What city do you live in? There are cities with robotics clubs (like the Seattle Robotics Society) that have regular meetings with people who would love to help you get started. The important thing is to remember that half of robotics is the programming. EasyC really is easy, but it’s still going to require more time and thought than – for example – programming a VCR. If you haven’t programmed before there are some concepts that you will need to absorb. Just relax and take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine.

I’m an adult mentor for a Vex team and I spent my afternoon yesterday rebuilding a Hangin’ Around robot. It’s a lot of fun once you get through the frustration of being a beginner. Good luck!

Whats the problem we cant help you because you have a frickin’ attitude and you get mad everytime we suggest something. There are technically 2 “reciever thingys” the reciever (go figure) and the microcontroller. See what I mean we didn’t know what your talking about. We’re all trying to be nice but your the one getting upset about everything and causing a problem.

Vex code,

by the way everybody else has been nice.

What im doing is going to a course to learn how to program.
Programming Camp

Vex Camp Includes introduction to EasyC

I am going to stay out of this forum due to all the arguments and misunderstandings, but…

Newvexuser, I can tell by your account name you are probobly not going to stay on the forums (at least with this account) and if you are going to post you should probobly try to be nice to everyone on Vex. If you get out of hand mods may step in, and people will stop posting because they know all they’ll get back is a smart retort. Everyone here helps eachother (if they don’t it kinda ruins the point of the forums and vex becomes a random chat site.) and tries to get along for the most part. Even if you are here temporarily, please treat other as you would like to be treated yourself.

This message goes for everyone, give him another chance and please stop throwing remarks.