Once again we are a small school new to vex and easy c programming. We are attempting to download the lastest version of the master code. We are using the beginning code in the vex notebook. When we try to download the master code update it goes to the loading screen but doesn’t download the code. Then when we try to build and download it says it cant write the C file.
Also when we try to download the master code it will not let us select a proper com port. if you have any references please let us kknow. your help is very appreciated.

If you are using the USB to serial port adapter, did you install the driver for it?

Do you have a Built In Serial Port, or are you using the USB to Serial adapter?? Do you know what Com Port Number your Serial Port is??

Once you have the Correct Com Port, if you plug the Vex Programmer to your Vex Controller and start the IFI Downloader and Select the Terminal Screen, when you first Power Up the Vex Controller you will see a message like:
“>IFI Master v6”
This shows that there is communcation between the Computer and the Vex Controller…

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EasyC I ned help!
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Additionally, you must not unplug the usb programming cable from the PC once you have communication established. If you do you will have to restart the EasyC software to re-establish communication.

But even before you get to this point, it sounds like there may be a problem with the installation of EasyC on your PC. Did you apply an EasyC software update to an earlier version? One problem I encountered after I performed a version update was that the location of some of the necessary files could not be located by the software. I remember getting a similar error saying that it could not write the C file and/or find other files (this was over a year and a half ago).

There is a menu selection where you can define the directory where certain file types can be found by the software. This may be something you will have to check into and see if the directories exist. In my case, I had to re-define the directories to existing ones where all the other files were actually located.

Sorry I cannot provide specifics right now, since I am on a different computer that does not have EasyC loaded on it. My notebook PC is in the hands of someone else right now.

Hope this helps… or at least puts you on the right track. You can also contact the folks at Intelitek. They are usually great about helping with these kinds of issues and may be able to talk you through a solution.