[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]So I used the Protobot kit to make the Protobot in the guide book and I’m using it as my senior project to graduate. I’m showing it to a panel on the 20th but I don’t know what it does!!! It just moves around and has an arm that goes up and down with 2 wheels that spin around. Does anyone know what the protobot design is supposed to do:confused:???[/FONT]

I believe it is supposed to pick up a tennis ball - at least that is what I’ve always assumed the roller claw was sized for.

  • Dean

I don’t Know, i’ve built the protobot, but I just used the arm to hit my sister.

That’s what I thought it was for too. IFI wanted to provide instructions so beginning robot builders could buy the Protobot starter kit and be able to build a robot that did something from the start.

I would bet the idea is that the Protobot could be used for a game where the robots had to pick up some kind of small balls and place them into some goals to score points. Kind of like one of the official competetions.

I would tell your panel that is what it is for. It is a starting point for beginning robot builders.

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here she is with some foar balls aside the mini


You can also use a few of them to freak out your friends/family/co-workers:

But yes- the Protobot works best at picking up objects, specifically tennis balls. The wheels on the end of the arm act as an intake mechanism and trap objects between them and the metal beam or “hook”. I suggest maybe having a goal to place them in.

Good luck with your demo.