We have arrived at the world championships today to find that our microcotroller is broken. Our school can not afford to buy a new1 and consequently I was hoping some one would be able to help us by lending us 1

Thank u for ure help we r 5194C


The VEX support people here may offer to trade a functioning Cortex for your non-functioning Cortex if they can’t tell you how to fix it.

If it is past the 90 day warranty they will not replace it. Out extra one started to smoke when I used it today.

Thanks 4 the help!
I believe ours is within its warranty so I will ask 4 a replacement 2 morrow

We had a really old Cortex (over a year old) and they replaced it for us at Pan-Pacific.

Just want to expound on what dontworryaboutit stated.

Wednesday, our Cortex microcontroller wasn’t working (We were having connectivity issues). We brought it over to Vex Support and they were kind enough to take apart the microcontroller and replace the internal connector.

Hopefully you can have similar success.

4095 Team Impulse

our cortex 2 total are from last year and work fine after two years but we need more for sack attack hope you did well…


Richard P

Thanks, for your help,

Our microcontroller was missing some pins due to a mmanerfacturing defect the help desk gave us a new one.


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Im glad you got it solved!

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