help ???

If i have 2 pneumatic resouvoirs connected together and i pump into one to fill up 2 do i pump to 200 psi or 100

prubby how do you post your own thraeds because i dont now how to

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Just fill to 100psi. The expanded volume of the tanks will allow more air to be pumped into the tanks to yield the same pressure.

Honestly, I don’t know anything that will actually pump to 200psi unless it’s an industrial air compressor, which might not be super portable…

hey ryan when i pump to 100 psi the pneumatic controllers leak and they lift 11 sacks 5 times is that normal

lifting 11 sacks 5 times is godly to me.
What pistons are you using? And how many?

2 double acing cylinders and 3 resivours connected

is the pneumatics controller was supposed to leak

2 resivourzs sorry typo

It’s not supposed to leak, but you’re getting really good actuations.
Make sure all the fittings are tightened completely. We had a problem with leaking until we found out that one of our fittings was loose.