**SORTED THIS BUT, CANT use REMOTE with Teleop Mode only in Driver mode.
I’d like teleop mode so I can reduce speed of motors instead of default in driver mode. Is that the way it works?

Number of issues with our 2 robots. **
2 Batteries were charged last night. Going down really quickly. Have to recharge this morning after minimal use.
Can’t download any code to the robots. Code compiled correctly. The download window just flashes by on the computer. Doesn’t seem to download at all. I’ve changed the USB – no go.
What is teleop? Understood this to be modified to your own liking driver controlled in Mod Kit. Is it the same in Robot C?
The programs previously downloaded to Autonomous also appear in teleop? Why? Should they?
**Robot 1: **
All motors checked and are working. I would like to change the buttons on the controller that work the motors.
A and D back and forward are fine. I would like to engage B and C for sideways driving. How ?
L up and down works the arm. I would like R up and down to open and close the claw. How?
We don’t like using the E and F buttons. E currently works the claw.

**Robot 2: **

Have lost the teleop and autonomous lines on one robot brain and cant get them back. Done during a reset.
All motors checked and working.
We aim to do some very simple code for the autonomous. But nothing is working. HELP???