I’ve have a competition tomorrow and have aha hour to finish can anyone help me with ideas for the robot

How much have you got so far? Any pictures would be helpful.

Sorry I don’t have pictures but I know I have a base and a intake that is falling and a decapated launcher

what type of launcher?
What sort of tips are you hoping to get?

Double flywheel
Fastest way to build a double flywheel

get all the pieces you need first. have the gears laid out. for a four motor flywheel go for a compound gearbox ratio of 21:1. (7:3 then 7:1). build the gearbox first.
I warn you though it took us about three hours to build our flywheel and about a week to tune it.


use bearing flats on every thing, I know you are crunched for time, but your time will be wasted if it doesn’t work, make sure your build quality is good, use 5 in wheels, make sure you put encoders on there some where, your going to want a way to measure wheel speed

Make it simple and make sure everything is aligned properly and good luck tomorrow.

Sounds like you should just take a pushbot and concentrate on pushing balls under the low goal.

It might be a good idea to make a simple push bot, like jpearman has stated.
For extra points, something a bit elevated that you can put four preloads to dump into the low goal can either get you a good 4 points in autonomous, or easy points at the beginning of a match.

Good luck!

I agree that a simple pushbot is probably your best bet, but I would do what Laurel2124 suggested and try to make it so you can place balls on top in such a way that they can be forced to roll off when you hit the low goal. I saw a super simple robot that the kids loaded balls on top, then they rammed the low goal, the ramming force tilting the robot just enough to spill balls into the low goal. They simply drove back and forth, loading the robot on top, then driving back to the low goal over and over. With a pushbot, if you get in an alliance with a good shooter, then get out on the field and thwart whatever your opposition might be doing on the field. Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t get a shooter working in such a short time. When your robot is simple (or the shooter is broken), think strategically and deny points to your opponent.

I was just about to say that.