Hey guys we have a little issue with our robot being contolled with the joystick. The keys are working (the lights are green) the motors work (they spin with a robotc program) and there is plenty of juice in the battery (8.83 volts). I don’t know how to fix it and i don’t know if it has to do with a member of the robotics team plugging a motor into the jumper blocks or not. PLEASE HELP COMPUTATION IN LESS THEN 2 WEEKS HELP!

A picture of the exact problem and posting your code might help people diagnose it better.

Is the joystick firmware up to date? Cortex firmware? Key firmware?
Are you connected to the joystick just fine?
How are you downloading the code? Via USB or Vexnet?
How are you trying to use the joystick with the motors? Are the ports correct?

@dirtbyker, I’ve had the same problem, and there are a number of possible causes, each with their own solution. The first issue could be with the firmware version. Plug the cortex into your computer with an A to A cable and update the firmware. Then plug your remote into the computer and do the same thing. After it is done, a message will flash that says something like “All firmware is up to date.”

Another possibility is an issue could be with the communication between the cortex and the remote. Once you have updated all firmware, plug the cortex into the remote with an A to A cable. Then turn both of them on until green lights flash on both. If green lights never flash, the issue is either a dead battery or un-updated firmware. Once you get the green lights to flash, unplug the A to A cable and attach the Vex Keys. Leave the cortex and remote on until green lights flash again. If the lights remain red, reboot both of them and wait for them to connect again.

Yet another issue could be with the wiring. If the motors are plugged into ports 1 or 10, they will need to be plugged in directly. If the motors are plugged into any of the other ports, they will need to be connected to a 2 to 3 wire extension cable.

The last issue I can think of is with the code. If the code tells the motors to remain at speed 0, obviously nothing will happen. Or if you tell the motor to equal an encoder value and the encoder is broken, you will get the same result. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

I have no idea if these solutions will solve the problem you face, but one of these steps have solved that problem every time I have had it. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: