My team is currently using the vex EDR systems. We had two cortexes of ours, burn their fuses. See in pics below. Can we get an explanation for why this is occurring and what will vex do to help us so this problem doesn’t occur on the last 2 cortexes my team has in possession?

What were they being used for before they burned out?

VEX has a power expander to solve this issue. It provides another fuse so the ones on the cortex don’t run so hot.

This is primarily a motor controller problem, as what I guess. Troubleshoot by disconnecting all motor ports and then going through by connecting one wire at a time as it runs, and you should find the problem. If necessary, rewire the entire bot and check all of the motor controllers while doing such.

The burnt up part in his photos is the onboard H bridge for port 1 or 10 (don’t remember which right now). It looks like they shorted it out and it does that. The motor was likely the culprit, broken wires that shorted just outside of the motor housing.

As thomas said, those actually aren’t fuses, they are in the internal H-bridges for ports 1 and 10. The actual fuses (PTCs) in the Cortex are located right beside the power switch. Make sure the wires connected to those ports aren’t frayed or otherwise have the potential to short.

Already answered by @jpearman here:

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It was running our code for a robot which was composed of 10 ports.