What is the best design for a clawm

rollers with anti slip mesh or hydraulic gripping flipper.

If you’re on V5 use a forklift passive type intake which saves a grabbing motor.

wrist with a hard stop.
dr4b w/ rubber bands

If you’re designing a clawbot then I would implement a shooter, which makes you more attractive to shooter bots and allows you to do more in autonomous.

More detail on what you’re looking for? Active or passive?

I highly recommend avoiding the forks with a wrist. They take way to much precision to use, easily bend if hit the wrong way, and every one I’ve seen sags forward and lets the cap slide out if you flip to many times. A far better alternative is the 448X L bracket. It flips consistantly and easily on posts, it can reach corners and tight spots far better, it’s fairly easy to build, and is very easy to use.

Here is the link to 448X reveal.