Helpful AP level or higher C# coding challenges?

Hey guys, so I’m just a freshman, so my high school won’t let me take any AP coding classes until next year. This is unfortunate, because my current class is not providing me with challenging material. We’re just doing stuff like a binay converter, tic-tac-toe, and pong. I’d really like to get some more practice with data-related stuff in particular. I’ve searched the internet for practice tests and other similar stuff and came up dry.

BTW, the I use Visual Studio 2013-2017 (depending on what computer I’m using)

So, yeah. I could use some suggestions, either links or just describe the challenge?

P.S. As you can tell from the title, I would use C#,. Also, it would be very preferable if the challenge was kept computer-only, not using any additional hardware like arduino or a robot.

Perhaps some sort of Machine Learning project could be beneficial? For a AP Computer Science Principles I made a application that used a Neural Network to identify drawn digits based on the MNIST dataset. If you already have a pong implementation, maybe use NEAT (neuroevolution of augmenting topologies) to create a series of AIs to play each other (heck, even a GAN could serve this purpose)

There are plenty of data science/machine learning projects you could do if you like that sort of thing

I like this machine learning project idea, machine learning is totally a growing topic and we’re seeing people getting into machine learning at younger ages and at lower proficiencies. If you have time, I would definitely try to research machine learning, understand different types of algorithms, etc. to use on your games that you’ve been making in class.

Another thing that I feel is a very good idea is getting into competitive programming. USACO is very prestigious, and also very difficult. Read up on the different tiers.

Finally, in order to either A. assist with USACO and B. get some credentials/learn some significant stuff, I would recommend learning Java and doing this princeton data structures course on coursera. It’s an amazing (usually taken by college students) course, with difficult algorithm optimization tasks that are really challenging but also fun as a result.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input! I will definitely try out the coursera thing, but the problem with machine learning is that I rarely have access to anything besides a computer.

Unless I misunderstood what you’re saying, machine learning doesn’t require anything other than a computer?

Oh, perhaps I misunderstood what they meant by that.