Helpfull cad creations

Hi everyone! I have some creations of mine that I thought might be useful to someone else out there. Here’s a 1:1 motor cartridge I created, slop reducing inserts for old vex wheels, and a scuff controller with screw joints.
If anyone else has any cad creations that they want to share with everyone, go ahead and put them here.
1:1 motor cartridge
Vex wheel slop reduction insert
Screw joint strengthened scuffed controller adapter


adding to the collection… these were all based by ideas I found on thingiverse, but I wanted some changes, so I made my own versions.

V5 Battery Dock - check the remixes for bookends
Plate holder - lots of mounting options
Screw/standoff sizer - up to 2.5"


How do you convert the tinkercad model into a DXF file for lasercutting?

Tinkercad only supports exporting as a SVG file but i’m sure you could find a SVG to a DXF file converter online

I downloaded the svg version but it only has one of the disc (the star in the middle) do you have files for the other disc to stack with it?

Made a new file for this.

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