Helping Cleaning up a Cad Drawing


I am currently working on cading some designs for spin up. However, when I am done, they look very messy and aren’t clean. The designs show all of the C channel holes, the joints, and the cut marks.

I am using Fusion 360 and I am hoping to make a render without any of these eyesores. Preferably without transferring the file to another program like blender. Thanks in advance!

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Go to the render tab (you’re on design right now) and hopefully all of those marks should go away.

I don’t know if its the same but in solid works you can hide origins and stuff like that

Assuming I did it correctly, they did not:

Right now, the origin isn’t showing.

In the bottom menu bar, on the right should say “display settings” and here you can select “hide all work features” or something along those lines. you can hide all your sketches(the little dots) and your joints and planes there


Try the in canvas render. In my experience most of the marks go away.

It should be found along the top bar of the render tab

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To hide the joints, you can just toggle visibility under the Joints folder (if you have multiple components, you’ll have to toggle the visibility for each component):


For the c-channel holes, shaft collar markings, etc., you can toggle each of these by going under the specific part and toggling the visibility for the sketches folder:


This also looks like it’s working.