Helping Teams Online

I’m interested in becoming a mentor for a team, but I don’t think I’d be able to do it in-person this year, so with inspiration from other coaches who I mentioned it to, I’ve made a form teams can use to ask me questions or get in touch with me for more in-depth discussions. (They can also send it to other teams so they can ask me, too.)

If you think you can get a good answer by searching online or by asking on the forum/Discord/Facebook, that would be the most effective, but if you want to ask someone more privately (and think I can help), or if you want to set up a phone/Zoom call, you can fill out the form, and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able. (If I know where you can find help online, I might point you to that first, and respond in more detail later.)

I might not have much time to spend on answering questions, but I will prioritize the ones that seem the most urgent/have the most effect, the ones I can answer the most easily, and the teams that have waited the longest for help. (I might also prioritize teams in my own region, since those are the ones I could have helped in person, and I feel more responsibility towards them than towards other regions.)

The form:

My main experience is with judging, along with various things I’ve learned over the years about team management and programming/building, and knowing where to find help online. (For programming, I’ve used RobotC and briefly Python/JavaScript, and I’ll soon be learning Python more in-depth, along with some other programming languages.)

I’m also planning to offer similar help to local teams, and I’d like some advice about the best ways to ask them about it. (I’ll probably contact my Team Engagement Manager, too, if it looks like I’ll have enough time to help those teams.)